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The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident around the globe. Longer droughts, rising sea levels, and more frequent natural disasters impact countless people and communities. These events oftentimes more greatly affect populations who contribute least to environmental change or those with fewer resources available to mitigate the damage it causes to their communities. This collection examines the ways climate change affects vulnerable communities and populations and brings together knowledge and insights that highlight the impact foundations and nonprofits are having in addressing it.

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Winning on Climate Change: How Philanthropy Can Spur Major Progress over the Next Decade

August 17, 2023

Over the next 10 years, major progress against climate change is entirely possible, and philanthropy has an important role to play. Through interviews with experts and building on previous work with actors in the field, this report identifies three climate philanthropy practices that will be especially important in the decade ahead. 

Climate Change: A series of Case Studies on South African Funder's Climate Journeys

February 5, 2024

Climate change is an increasingly pressing global issue that requires an immediate and concerted response to limit its most catastrophic consequences. Funders can play a key role in responding to climate change, however, funder responses to climate change have historically been relatively limited.That said, more funders are beginning to acknowledge the urgency with which climate change needs to be addressed and are increasingly seeing the impacts that climate change has on the often vulnerable communities that they serve. These climate change impacts have further implications for funders' work on other socio-economic challenges, with the communities that they serve facing additional challenges relating to food security, water scarcity, environmental damage, and heat waves.

Philanthropic Foundation Funding for Clean Air: Advancing climate action, health and social justice

January 15, 2024

An analysis of funding from philanthropic foundations to tackle air pollution between 2015 and 2022. We identify funding trends, gaps and opportunities for philanthropies to maximise the benefits of their investments.

2023 Annual Report

December 1, 2023

To meet this moment and guided by our ambitious 2021-2024 strategic plan, ACE has leveled up every aspect of our work at the nexus of young people, strategic digital communications, policy advocacy, and civic engagement. With your support over the course of 2023, we have:Scaled the ACE Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Accelerator to engage and persuade 25 million of the hardest to reach communities (e.g. rural, conservative and moderate) to see decarbonization as a benefit to them.Inoculated 99 million Americans from Big Oil's $1 billion disinformation machine through our award-winning climate education and strategic digital media initiatives.Grew our Youth Action Network to over 1.1 million young advocates who took hundreds of thousands of actions to advance key climate policies and to expand the electorate with a new wave of diverse youth voters.Mobilized hundreds of thousands of voters to turn out in down ballot races. 

Funding trends 2023: Climate change mitigation philanthropy

November 8, 2023

In 2022, the amount of philanthropic funding for climate change mitigation remained essentially unchanged from the previous year — a slowdown from the consistent growth we saw in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Climate giving showed some resilience in 2022 despite challenging global economic conditions, but ultimately fell short of the scale needed to address the crisis. In this decisive moment for the planet, philanthropy must rapidly raise its ambition for advancing transformative climate solutions — in partnership with a wider range of communities, movements, and organizations — and move more funds faster to the places that need them most.

Materializing Real-World Change in 2022

August 21, 2023

2022 was a year of great learning and stepped-up action across the climate landscape. Despite formidable headwinds, 2022 was a year of significant climate wins and real-world progress.ClimateWorks' 2022 Annual Report brings these wins and challenges to light – detailing the remarkable ways our community of climate funders and implementing partners are actualizing a sustainable and equitable future.

Lecciones de financiadores para la acción climática sobre la asistencia para el desarrollo liderada a nivel local

May 3, 2023

'Lecciones de financiadores para la acción climática sobre la asistencia para el desarrollo liderada a nivel local' se centra en las experiencias de los donantes que han apoyado iniciativas de desarrollo dirigidas localmente para abordar el cambio climático. Proporciona una descripción general de las mejores prácticas y los desafíos asociados con los esfuerzos de financiamiento climático y recomendaciones para mejorar el apoyo a las comunidades locales en la lucha contra el cambio climático.Esta publicación ha sido realizada con el apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea. Su contenido es responsabilidad exclusiva de ALAS y no refleja necesariamente los puntos de vista de la Unión Europea.English: French:

Aide au développement local : leçons de bailleurs de fonds climatiques

May 3, 2023

"Aide au développement local : leçons de bailleurs de fonds climatiques" se concentre sur les expériences des bailleurs de fonds qui ont soutenu des initiatives de développement menées localement pour lutter contre le changement climatique. Il offre un aperçu des meilleures pratiques et des défis associés aux efforts de financement climatique et des recommandations pour améliorer le soutien aux communautés locales dans la lutte contre le changement climatique.Cette publication a été réalisée avec le soutien financier de l'Union européenne. Son contenu relève de la seule responsabilité de WINGS et ne reflète pas nécessairement les vues de l'Union européenne.English: Spanish:

Lições de financiadores de ações climáticas sobre apoio ao desenvolvimento localmente liderado

May 3, 2023

'Lições de financiadores de ações climáticas sobre apoio ao desenvolvimento localmente liderado' enfoca as experiências de doadores que apoiaram iniciativas de desenvolvimento lideradas localmente para lidar com as mudanças climáticas. Ele oferece uma visão geral das melhores práticas e desafios associados aos esforços de financiamento climático e recomendações para melhorar o apoio às comunidades locais na luta contra as mudanças climáticas.Esta publicação foi produzida com o apoio financeiro da União Europeia. O seu conteúdo é da exclusiva responsabilidade da WINGS e não reflete necessariamente as opiniões da União Europeia.English: Spanish:

Lessons from Climate Funders on Locally-led Development Assistance

May 3, 2023

'Lessons from Climate Funders on Locally-led Development Assistance' focuses on the experiences of funders who have supported locally-led development initiatives to address climate change. It offers insights into best practices and challenges associated with climate funding efforts and recommendations for improving support for local communities in the fight against climate change.This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of WINGS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.French:

Soil to Sky: Climate Solutions That Transform

January 17, 2023

Soil to Sky: Climate Solutions that Transform presents evidence of how grassroots climate solutions provide innovative and meaningful impact at the global scale. This report builds on the evidence and strategic recommendations that were published in 2019 in Soil to Sky: Climate Solutions that Work. Our aim is to show the centrality of grassroots climate solutions in achieving a more livable and just future, and the importance of funding in accelerating those solutions, especially in light of nations' inability to move quickly enough to avert the worst impacts of a changing climate. This report connects the dots between stories of change and global impact, demonstrating how grassroots climate leadership is already forging a more ecologically and socially just world.

The State of Global Air Quality Funding 2022

September 20, 2022

The only global snapshot of clean air funding from donor governments and philanthropic foundations. This report highlights funding trends and gaps in 2015-2021, as well as recommendations for smarter investment for people and planet.99% of the world's population breathes air that exceeds World Health Organization air quality guidelines. Cleaning the air is a massive opportunity to improve public health and climate change. Because air pollution and climate change are mainly caused by burning fossil fuels, these problems can be tackled together. By addressing these issues in isolation, funders and policymakers drastically overlook the potential of clean air to realise multiple health, social and sustainable economic benefits.Our fourth annual report is the only global snapshot of projects funded by international development funders and philanthropic foundations to tackle air pollution. We identify gaps in funding, and opportunities for strategic investment and collaboration for systemic change. As the world prepares for COP27 in Egypt, we call for more joined up policies and funding to address air pollution, climate change and unsustainable economic growth simultaneously. This report provides recommendations for decision makers, policy makers and philanthropic foundations.